Hey, I’m Jessica Robinn. I live in Arizona amongst the cactus, cement, and sand. In my downtime, I try and discover new ways to flavor tofu, and have very deep talks with my dog, Shinobi, more than I do any human. I blame my mood on what the planets are doing and if we ever hang out I might end up reading your natal chart or doing tarot in front of everyone.

Social media┬áhas always been fascinating to me. It’s the creation of content combined with analytical data in order to discover more about the people that you want to attract. The mixture of creativity, logical thinking, and psychology is something that I’ve yet to grow tired of.

Painting has been a hobby and there are many pieces that have been passion projects. While I’m in no way the best, I still try to convey an emotion or memory in everything I do. I have the belief that anyone is an artist. Creativity can be applied to anything. Me having my art available for display, sale, and commission is my way of taking a risk to share a part of myself with the world.