Digital Work Portfolio

I’ve been dabbling around the social media realm since 2007 when YouTube was an innocent bubble of creators, Facebook was beginning to replace Myspace, and Twitter was still fairly new. Since then, I fell in love with learning more about the strategies used behind the scenes and thinking creatively to execute them.

I’ve worked with a number of companies in the past and would love to work with you! Whether it’s helping engage with other accounts on social media platforms, helping create video or image content, or helping to create your next big campaign, I’d love to help you attract a larger audience.

I’ve also had experience in developing websites, editing videos, developing email lists, writing weekly newsletters, industry research, captioning/transcribing audio and video, and copywriting. Don’t hesitate to contact me to see what we can do together.


Companies I’ve Worked With

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Social Media Consultant
Virtual Assistant

Social Media Consultant

Social Media Manager

Graphic Design

Jessica Sweeney

Logo Design

Jessica is a 3D artist who wanted a logo that was minimal but also insinuated three-dimensional space. During this process the logo went through multiple iterations based on her feedback.

Inverted Design

Showcase | E-Commerce

Side project that was begun by Jessica Sweeney and myself to display digital art that we created. Using the platforms Etsy, Society6, and Zazzle we plan to sell these designs on products to consumers.